Friday, February 11, 2005

Sitting by

Just got good lift in with N8 at the Y and now it's time to pack up my gear for a weekend of craziness at Spring Hill. I'll go to work at Panera for a few hours this morning into the afternoon and then it's all about the Hill. I love Spring Hill, but more than that i love the memories and the time spent with the people that I'm doing camp with a whole lot more. It'll be great to hang with MOTO outside of Monday nights and just doing all the crazy stuff that the Hill has to offer, but it always seems to be the night time goofing off and the little things that stick out later.

I had interesting meeting last night with some folks that really sparked me and stirred up my heart and my mind. It was a very wild meeting and I won't get into here, but believe me I had a scary glimpse into a reality that I have only read about until this point. It'll be interesting to see where it goes from here and we'll see if I can get up some guts to challenge and push this group out of their comfort zone. To hang onto our traditions and lose our people and youth, became a reality last night. It's always interesting to peek into other places and hear their thoughts, but to get close and hear stuff like that really drives a dagger into my heart and left me to little sleep last night. Oh well, we'll see what happens in the coming week.

For now it's time to party at the Hill and then the panther arrives for a much needed time of all the good stuff in life. CAN YOU DIG IT!!!!!!

the campfire, in the snow?
Wallace D.

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