Sunday, March 27, 2005

Celebrate good times!!

What a great morning of celebration and worshipping the RISEN Lord!! Nothing slick, flashy, or "put together." Just gathering together and enjoying a great God within great community. What an amazing sight to see all kinds of people singing, dancing, and doing whatever comes to mind, as they worship an amazing God. I was moved over and over again and I couldn't help but just smile and wanting to talk with people. It sounds kind of weird, but I just wanted to chat with people, meet new people, and just hang out with those who gathered to experience Jesus ressurrected. Then it was off to the in-laws for a big ol feast and I'm tellin ya it was good, too good. I ate a lot and then ate more, so I guess exercise needs to be in overdrive this week.

Anyways, I have never enjoyed life more than I do now, and I love being apart of a community that is an amazing bunch of people loving our beautiful Jesus. Tomorrow is all about studying for the future of MOTO and hopefully hanging with some good friends. Then it is continueing the party at MOTO, where we get to rewind with Ellen and her journey with Jesus. I don't have chill for the next two weeks, so I'm hoping to really make some progress with MOTO and figuring out what in the world is going to happen at 1st Reformed. My contract runs out with them in May, Sarah graduates in May, and we need to find a new place to live in May, so it is going to be a crazy month I'm sure. I get a good chunk of my income from 1st Reformed and things are a bit crazy there, so I don't know what exactly will go on. I feel pretty good about the direction I've helped give them and they are moving to a place of running with things on their own, so I really would love to say thanks on both sides and be able to run with a healthy partnership in hand. I feel so strongly that the family I have at Watermark is in for some HUGE things, and I know God is on the move, so giddy up and get ready!!!

Wallace D.

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