Saturday, March 19, 2005

Here comes the Jeep woody

Well I finally got all the leg work done so that I can drive the famous "woody." It's a 1991 Jeep Grand Wagoneer, or better known as the woody, because of the fake wood paneling. I just need a couple of surf boards to put on the luggage rack and this beast will be ready for the summer. Anyway it should make for an exciting drive and I'm sure there will be many a people who will be asking for a ride in the "woody."

Tomorrow, after a 6am-noon shift at Panera, Sarah and I will be heading into Jenison for "Seusical," in which my brother-in-law will be playing the lead (Horton Who). Jenison has a great theatre program and Ken is an incredible actor, so it should be a great time and inspirational. Sarah and I wanted to pick up a small congrats gift for Ken, and I recently spotted a great book for Ken at Hage's, so we will now be attempting to turn him into the book nerds that we are. The name of the book is, "So you want to be in pictures?" and it is all about being a Christian and pursueing a career in Hollywood. It really looks like a great book and it has all kinds of different stories and advice from actors, writers, and producers that are successful in Hollywood and are devoted followers of Jesus. From the day I met Ken (he was in third grade) he has always wanted to be an actor, and given an opportunity, I know he'll be Hollywood's next generation "it" actor. I also will be connecting up with my cousin, who seems to be doing better, and so I'm praying for wisdom and a time to just hang together. Well I suppose I'll finish watching legally blonde with Sarah, she really likes it and it does have an actor from the "Best in show" group, so she makes for some funny scenes.

Wallace D.

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