Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Connecting and Reconnecting

Yesterday turned out to be a connecting and reconnecting day for me. After my partial time at staff I headed to Panera for my lunch rush work time (it was an extra busy day with Grand Haven having a half day) and then I spent some time reconnecting with the pink panther. We hadn't chatted outside of e-mail since Thursday, that is next to sinful, and then I caught up with my aunt Tari, which is reconnecting that is always very emotional. Briefly: my uncle passed away a year and a half ago and I have always had a good relationship with them and their three boys and I would hang out with them quite a bit. It has been a tough road for them and yesterday it got worse, as my aunt admitted the youngest son (Dylan, 7th grade) into a psychiatric ward, because he is really struggling emotionally in many different ways. If he is up to it, I'll be heading there this evening to see him, my aunt, and the other two boys (both in high school). Praying for peace for the family.

Then Sarah and I went to the Thompson's for a great dinner and hanging out with Gooch and his family. When I got home I connected up with my mom and we chatted about anything and everything to do with family, work, and parakeets (my mom tells stories about her birds, she is a funny lady). Finally I managed to squeeze in an hour long conversation with one of my good friends I met in college, who I haven't chatted with in quite a while. We reconnected about family, work, and the BIRD-brain things we did in college (I couldn't resist the opportunity for cheesy humor). If it isn't obvious by now, connecting and reconnecting, relationships make the world go round!

Wallace D.

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