Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Let the good times roll

Since my last blog things have been pretty much rollin along and I've been lovin life. Last week, Wednesday and Thursday I had some amazing time reading and just having some very incredible conversations with God. It was the fact that I did some listening and God did the talking, which me listening doesn't happen enough. But fortunately God was insistent on me hearing Him and in turn, I had some amazing God centered moments. I had a great conversation with a young lady, who has, "just been thinking about God lately," and who has been hurt by the church so she wasn't sure where to look for Him. Then I had a couple of other great conversations on Thursday, so it was just an awesome few days. Had a great day at Panera yesterday (working?) again with some great conversations and sharing the love of Jesus. Today we just hung out as a staff and enjoyed the amazing weather and pretty much just goofed around. Did breakfast, then lunch, got some essentials for the hub and then played some b-ball together. Tomorrow brings much of the same, so I need to think of a way to bring up the fact that were not putting together enough programs. Being the church, making disciples, WITHOUT PROGRAMS, what are we thinking?

Wallace D.

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