Friday, April 08, 2005

The sweetness

It has been a great week and it seems that my schedule will be locking into a sweet spot. Panera is working on becoming more effecient and setting up some consistent "teams" that will work together, which means I will be able to lock into a pretty set schedule. So this week has given me a pretty good glimpse into what my schedule could look like this summer, after I no longer have chill. Anyways, I have really enjoyed some great study time, great reading time, and some very awesome hang time with friends and family. It'll be nice to dive back into Moto and Cession this week, and we are diving into a new conversation/series on Sunday that is centered on Psalm 23. I think it will be a great learner for us as a watermark community and for some crazy reason, I think it has a great spring feel to it. That last statement really couldn't have been more sissy sounding and yet it makes sense, so I guess that means... you're a sissy? Off to do some reading before I spend the lunch rush making some Panera goods and "breaking bread" with Grand Haven and abroad (this is a spiritual way of saying I will make sandwiches and salads and you the public will eat them). The weekend looks warm, sunny, and great for jump roping.

Wallace D.

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