Thursday, May 05, 2005

School is out

The big month of May is unwinding, and this week it has my wife graduating college. Yes she is a graduate of Cornerstone University, with a BA in Psychology, and an honarary degree in multiplecollegesbecauseherhusbandiscrazy, which the latter is a very special degree that is rarely given out. So on her first night of being done with school she... fidgeted with her internship paper and wrote a paper on the declaration of independance and how it was contrived of German influence and oppression. Well, she did fidget with her internship paper, because I think she feels lost not having to write some sort of paper or something collegy, she is a funny chick. Her actual ceremony is Saturday morning and then her parents are having a grill out party with the family, where the following will take place: Her dad will obcessibly be cooking and sharing his most recent recipes with others (yes her dad), her mom will laugh a lot and will pass out many a hugs (you cannot be unhappy around this woman, its a gift she has), Ken, her junior in high school brother, will give everyone the lowdown on the most recent movie releases and then try and talk everyone to taking the party to the movie theatre itself, some of her family will hug Sarah, say congratulations, and then strongly encourage her to get more degrees, her grandma will pass out the most hugs and will tell Sarah that she should run for president, go out for american idol, become an astronaut, or anything that is EXTREMELY encouraging, and this will lead to her grandpa mumbling random comments which no one hears, except me, because they're absolutely hilarious. All this will take place within the first ten minutes we are there and continue on for at least twelve hours, because anything less would be a tragedy of epic proportions. I didn't leave out her junior in college sister Barb, she will pretty much be just taking it all in and slipping off at some point to take a nap or hang out with her friends (she is a true college student). This is my in-laws, full of all their wonderful craziness and unique love for each other. Oh by the way, I updated my library with some of my more impacting reads, and if you click on buck naked faith you can read a good interview with the author about the content and purpose of the book.

Wallace D.

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