Saturday, July 02, 2005

Funny and sad

I've finally gotten around to reading Blue Like Jazz, the book that got Donald Miller all this attention he's getting. I loved "Searching For God Knows What" and this one is written in the same mold, just telling stories of his life, his thoughts, and God's role in all of it. Anyway, I wanted to post a thought of his from the book that seems to be sadly so true in our world, but even more so in our country today. Take it away Donald: "I believe that the greatest trick of the devil is not to get us into some sort of evil but rather have us wasting time. This is why the devil tries so hard to get Christians to be religious. If he can sink a man's mind into habit, he will prevent his heart from engaging God. I was into habit. I grew up going to church, so I got used to hearing about God. He was like Uncle Harry or Aunty Sally except we didn't have pictures." It would be easy to point out all the time people spend watching TV, playing video games, blah blah blah, but what about all the people who waste time being religious? What about all the churches who spend all their time "doing church stuff," and miss out on what God's doing? Sadly I've done both, too much time with the entertainment stuff and too much time with the religious stuff. Maybe I'll design a video game where the different levels are all stories of the bible, like your David taking on Goliath and the Philistines or the disciples trying to dodge persecution while "preaching the word." Then I would have weekly "Game Camps" where we would have tournaments and small group times to "download" what we've learned from the games. Or maybe I won't do that.

It's funny and sad
Wallace D.

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