Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Where has the time gone?

A lot has been going on since my last post and I'm sorry for not hitting the blog more, but what do you do? We launched Moto!!!! It has been pretty cool the first two weeks and things have changed, which has been for the better. We've grown in a number of ways and their is a ground work for new things to rise up as the year moves along (another really good thing). We have been locked into praying and prayer within the Watermark gatherings, which has been really cool and for those who engage it has been really stretching. Football has also started since our last chat, coaching 7th grade football at Lakeshore middle school with Nate, which has been a list of fun stories. Panera has increased quite a bit and changed a lot as well, within management and fellow employees, which has been a bit crazy. With all the changes and start ups, I feel completely programmed and my schedule is full. This chaffes with my personality and who I am inside, my "free time" is no more. I've been tense, stressed, and I literally pulled out my eyebrows, my right one anyway (I have a terrible habit of pulling on my eyebrows when I'm agitated or anxious). I guess that's a bit of crabbin by me, but it's apart of my story right now, so tough.

I also had the privilege to attend a day conference with Brian McLaren, Ed Dobson and the systematic theology professor at Cornerstone University (guess which one was dry and too systematic for my taste?) It really was a great time and Brian was very clear with why and how he writes the books he writes (which was very helpful for the people who want him to just say what you're sort of saying!). It was good to hear him share more of his background and his own personal feelings on Christianity today and for the future. Ed Dobson was simple and yet so inspiring and brilliant (so refreshing and good!). The conference thing just helped push me farther along in some of the things I've been feeling. One of the big things is all the talk of values and things we care about and how it is a lot of talk (back off I start with myself, but thanks for point two). We judge a lot. I'm sure you can put that one together in many different ways. By we I pretty much mean people, probably Christian people more than not.

I'm praying for a lot of change in my own life, which I hate and love all in one breath. I hate the pain and i love the touch and will of God taking place. I pray for unity within the wider church body and I pray for God to really lay into spiritual apathy.

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