Saturday, August 27, 2005

Battle grounds, I guess?

Sarah had a girl's day with her mom, sister, a couple of aunts, and a cousin, so I had a me day. I am convinced that I need more of these and I would guess so does everyone else. I was just thinking about how many people I know who have more than one job and the number is waaaaaayyyy to freakin high. The sad thing is the people I know that have one job, work that mother in a way that if they spend less than 10000000 hours at it, they will get fired. Anyway that is totally a side note and it's not what I planned to write about so I'll move on.

I went to the mall first and I walked around and looked at all the different people and all the different stores that advertise to the different people. Lots of differences and lots of interesting people, yet interesting is really not a good enough word to describe people. Every store brought about a unique set of people and yet brought them together for the sake of style, fashion and shopping of some sort. I noticed that people are pretty loud at the mall and the mall itself is pretty loud. People are also very aggressive when looking at clothes and they stare very intently. They stare in a way that if they stare long enough and hard enough the item will jump on them and will tell them whether it is a good look and fit or if it is not. I also noticed the "posse" that seems to be straggling alongside, which makes me understand why people are looking at me with a look that says, " I don't see anyone with you, yet you can't be alone, because who will tell you what to buy or not to buy?" This all seems much more entertaining to me after I hit my second stop, THE CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE!!! I wanted to make that all big and the sound in my head went sort of like dun dun dun, you know the big music sound. It just felt right.

Really the book store was quite the opposite feel. Besides the one male employee behind the counter who hasn't clued into the fact that everyone else ISN'T talking loudly, all is VERY quiet. As a side note, it's pretty funny making eye contact with the other employee who this loud guy is talking to, because they smirk at you as if to say, "yes he IS really loud and no I am NOT comfortable with it, but he is a good worker." Anyway, everyone in the book store looks at the books in a very secretive way, there can't be more than two people in a huge aisle because, "they might see what I am looking at!!!" Then the worker comes by and asks if you need any help finding anything, to which you give the quick and firm response. "No I am just browsing." The worker quickly moves on without making eye contact. I walk by the bible section and a grandpa is flipping through one of the bibles and very sternly telling a young grand child which verses prove that there is, "no such thing as predestination" and why "once saved always saved," is true ( this is a sweet little girl by the way, yet something tells me she will grow into a frightened defensive older woman). As I look around, I feel safe, and I kind of laugh at the secretiveness of the place. Then I start to browse the books, and I start to see a theme taking place. This book is a response to that book and this book is "proof" why that book is wrong. Why emergent thinking is soft and truthless, why modern thinking is arrogant and intolerant, why we need to be "Intolerant" and why "Intolerance" needs not be. I find a few classics that just talk about God, His love, and why we need Him. But for the most part it seems to be a battle ground of who's right and who's wrong in the Christian circles. Lastly I see a book that is all interviews with non Christians, some who just don't get "it" and some who have been offended by "it." Seems like a pretty good read, a straight look at what the world is thinking about Christianity and why they are thinking it. It seems that this guy just traveled around to different cities in all different states and chatted with people. People in malls in fact, and since I don't have any money to buy this book I am headed back there. Yeah it's a bit louder and a bit crazier, but it also seems a bit more open and I feel a little less like I'm going to step on a landmine.

Wallace D.

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