Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Frankfort hot dogs?

Just chillin at a motel super 7, nope not a motel super 8, but seven. I'm not sure what the deduction is exactly but Nate and I get free WiFi, cable, and a refrigerator and microwave in our room, so seven up it is. We just wrapped day number two of our cultural anthrapology class and we have one more long session tomorrow morning before we move on to advanced theology on Wednesday afternoon. That will run through friday evening and then we can head on home, which I'm sure we'll be more than ready for. Our current class has been pretty interesting and I've enjoyed a lot of the discussion we've been having during class and it has been awesome in how interactive it is. It's kind of funny because a few years ago this would probably be a nightmare of a week, but I've really come to love the opportunity to learn and draw from others learning. It does help a lot though that one, Nate and I get to do this together and two, we are not staying on the camp grounds and we get to hang at a motel. We are in Frankfort Indiana so a few snapshots for you: The school mascot, no kidding, is a hot dog, yep the Frankfort Hot Dogs. The big draw, and I guess only one, is a super Walmart? We have managed to find a convenience store that has fountain diet mt. dew, so we are managing to get by.

Back to studying and finishing up some homework
Wallace D.

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Mike Willis said...

ha ha...i hope to one day enjoy the learning i am taking part in. please enjoy it for me! good luck with all the homework, and don't do as i do, actually do your homework. good luck the rest of the week.