Saturday, April 01, 2006

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Wow what a week it has been in the great state of Indiana, lots of learning and brain swelling. I had a really great week of learning more than I thought my brain was capable of learning and probably missing out on so much more because of the littleness of my brain. Even the opportunity to get away for a week and just take in some wonderful classes as well as joining in new friendships with some wonderful pastors and ministers from the Wesleyan church was such a gift. N8 and I got home late last night and I woke up this morning still feeling a bit overwhelmed, but also incredibly thankful for all that went into this week. One: for such a great wife that not only worked so hard all week to be the agent in which God uses to provide for us, but also the encouragement she is in desiring me to learn and grow. Two: for such an awesome church staff, that are not only great friends but also a great team of people that desire the best for our community and what God desires for us. With that a lead pastor in the Deurty one that has always been one of my biggest supporters and mentors and has also encouraged my education and desire to learn, what a blessing to have all that support and friendship. Three: that I got to share this week with an incredible friend and partner in N8, who not only is such a huge encourager, but also challenges me in every aspect of my life. The week wouldn't have been the same without being able to share all the learning and great laughs with him. Four: a new appreciation for a denomination that is HUGELY supportive of those desiring to live out the call God has on their lives, and how incredibly encouraging they are within that. It is so important to have their support and encouragement, as well as their accountability and friendship. Five: to all the new friendships that were started this week, especially Charlie and Art, who gave the week a great balance of learning and great laughter. To be able to have a couple of guys like them, who share their struggles, strengths and friendships with two "youngsters" like N8 and I, was such a beautiful blessing this week. And finally to both my professors from this week, they are both wonderful and did a great job teaching us. But I especially enjoyed John Drury (New blog to the left), who is easily one of the most brilliant and passionate people I have ever met, and also was a great listener and truly enjoyed the time he got to spend with us. Thanks for making theology such a beautiful thing and teaching us that it is a skill and always needs to be practiced and massaged.

What a great week of learning and reflecting life
Wallace D.

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