Thursday, March 16, 2006

Uncle Wally again

Well as of yesterday morning I am an uncle again, as my older brother Jeff and his wonderful wife Amanda welcomed Cameron Dale Harrison into the world. Last night Sarah and I went up to the hospital and visited for a while and rejoiced with my family over the expansion of our family. My brother was in awe and he was absolutely lost in his new baby boy, it was a beautiful thing. And Cameron looks just like his daddy too, and being a Harrison the world is in for quite the treat. This is now my fourth time entering unclehood as I have a niece and nephew from my brother Alan and a nephew from my sister Christina, so I guess that means I'm supposed to move towards fatherhood myself? I don't think myself or the rest of the living world is ready for that scariness.

Proud to be Uncle Wally again
Wallace D.


nathan sean said...

...puuut it in!

nathan sean said...

...puuut it in!

Nate said...


Dude you will be a good dad man - I think it's time bro! I do know one thing for sure your kid will be an awesome b-ball player.


Carter Clark said...

i bet you are a great uncle too