Wednesday, April 26, 2006

By George

George MacLeod has a meditation on the cleansing of the Temple by Jesus that I think is not only beautiful, but much needed truth to be absorbed.

"In the temple You threw out the money changers, Lord Christ: down the steps and out of the door and into the vacant aisles came the children shouting for joy and dancing round. Too often we are the money changers: giving short change in spiritual things to many who seek the true coin: making the Church an institute when you want it to be a chaos of uncalculating love. Drive out from our hearts our calculated offerings, our easy responses, and let child-like faith flood into us again."

Leonard Sweet comments on a chaos of uncalculating love as an awesome definition of the Church- a home for noisy children, creative artists, crazy people with absurd ambitions for peace and goodwill in our world.

Uncalculating love!! That is exhilerating, beautiful, and gives a picture of freedom and I love that picture.
Wallace D.

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