Saturday, May 13, 2006

Back in the giddy up!

Whew, what a week and then some for this tired cat. Things have been a share bit busy and I actually had many a days with my cell phone off and no computer to be found, yet I was REALLY busy with many of things. Those things consisting of heading with Jessica and Steve Thompson and my beautiful bride to the Wesleyan church planter's assessment center for the first half of this week. For nearly three days we were poked, prodded, and analyzed to the core of our brains and back to the surface. But it was really encouraging and affirming in who we are and how we are wired, so although draining, it was an awesome experience of self-awareness and gift evaluation. Sarah and I returned home just in time to run her to the family she nanny's for and then I shot to the ball diamond for our softball game. Then it was a couple days of Panera service and getting the utilities turned on at the new house, so there was no slowing down at all. Now it's trying to get back into the swing of things with Moto right around the corner on Monday, and trying to get all the loose ends tied up before we close on the house.

So now here I am, to wrestle with where to go from my time at the assessment center, because one thing that was very clear is that I have to focus more and really search to find my sweet spot within this life. One of the things that really struck me, and something that was strongly pointed out to me, was that I do a bunch of things ok, but because I do several things I don't do any one or two things great (ouch, but a good ouch). The assessors had some ideas of how they would like to see me move and some ways to slide into those one or two things, but it's a matter of figuring out how to get to those places. I can look in on my life and see where those strengths are played out and where my weaknesses are glaring, but I guess it takes a group of random people to gather at a campground in the middle of nowhere to point out these things. I know I need to fight for this though, otherwise another year or two will fly by with no change because I have allowed myself to drift along doing whatever is placed before me. After sitting down with my mother and father-in-law last night, I know that this piercing siren inside me needs to be silenced with a centeredness on how God has wired and called me. The wisdom, truth and love of my in-laws is always priceless, so now it is time to giddy up my friends. The aching prayer of my heart is to follow God's will for my life and not get sidetracked by my agenda or anyone else's outside of my Jesus. I will not become a balding over weight squirrel that wanders back and forth in the road until my fate is met by an old Chevy astro van (that one is for you Genetta).

Giddy Giddy
Wallace D.

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Tony Myles said...

Hey Wally - you rock! It was so cool meeting you and hearing about your heart. I'm totally confident that God has amazing things ahead for you... maybe the details have yet to be revealed, but I'm so excited for the multiple generations of people he is going to impact through you. Maybe today that's at Panera or through the middle school ministry, and maybe tomorrow it will be the same.

Or maybe not. ;)