Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Three Hardest Words In The World To Get Right

I started reading this book this morning and so I wanted to drop a paragraph for you and let it be a challenge to you as it is to me.
"The next three decades may well be the most epochal in human history. For the kind of world being born will depend on us-our grasp of where we have come from and our reach for where we are going. How does the church lead in such a time as this? How can we help the church have 20/20 vision... and beyond? It will be up to us - both individually and collectively, both as leaders and as followers- to hear God and see what God is doing and then to join in. The key word here is not "join" but "join in." It's more than a matter of "joining" a church. It's not about getting people to choose to join what a church is doing. It's about getting people to join what God is already doing. The Bible is less a book about what we are to do than a book about what God has already done and is now doing, and how we can join in God's "doings." Without taking ourselves to seriously are we prepared to take God's mission very seriously? When the history of Pearl Harbor was written, it was titled "At Dawn We Slept." Let it not be said of us that we were no-shows to the future."

By the way, the three hardest words are, "I Love You," and it is set up to be a beautiful story about God's beautiful Story that He has written and IS writing, to which we not only are apart of, we share IN it. Rather than saying "Happy Easter," I say enjoy the celebration of life and life eternal made possible by the Living Saviour!

God is good my friends
Wallace D.

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