Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Man things have been pretty wild the last week or so, good, but crazy. Sarah and I are in the middle of purchasing our first house and so far everything has been moving along pretty smoothly. Offer accepted, financial things in order, and we've got some inspections tomorrow that take us to a closing date the third week of May. The house is in an incredible location a block from downtown Grand Haven and the neighborhood is wonderful, so all is great there. The house is a three bedroom two bath with lots of good space, so we are very excited to have lots of great company and lots of great hang outs. I'm doing my best to keep a level head and stay patient because Im well aware of the craziness of buying a house and figure there is lots of papers to find and sign as well as lots of tweaks and tinkering to get things poppin. So I'll continue to throw down updates as that progresses, but it is a very exciting thing for Sarah and I to venture into.

We dove back into Moto on Monday and had a great game night at the conference grounds with a great bunch of yutes. Nothing like a heap of middle school students all hopped up on caffeine and sugar running around whipping dodge balls at each other. We're also in the process of putting together our first ever Moto summer camp, where we are partnering with another church to travel up to Grace youth camps and slam away at Moto on steroids for a week (be afraid be very afraid!). I'm working on my follow up homework from the classes I took a few weeks ago as well as working on a bunch of new homework for the church planters assesment Sarah and I will be doing with Steve and Jessica Thompson. Most of it is pretty interesting and is good to look at within ministry, so we'll see what happens with that. We don't head to that until the first week of May, but then again that isn't too far off. We have been slammin through the fabulous life of Jesus of Nazareth at the gatherings, which has been a great time and is really beautiful in looking at the life of our Saviour. Often there is talk about how Jesus came to die and be risen for us, which is very true and great, but I think we often skip over or breeze over the fact that He also lived for us as well. His example of what life is meant to be like and how to live missionally, passionatley, peacefully, creatively and with such humility and brilliance just to name a few ways, is so precious.

We are also spending the week as a community in 24/7 prayer at the hub, bathing in all who God is and what he is doing in us and wants to do in us. Listening to our Father and accepting is amazing love, reflecting on the life and example of His Son Jesus, and inviting the Holy Spirit to lead us , live in us, and take us as a unified community to all new places.

Life is good, challenging and never without a dull moment, I desperately want to be aware of all who God is and all that He wants to do in and through me.

Giddy up my friends
Wallace D.


amelia said...

Ah...the joys of home ownership! Congrats and welcome to the club of home repairs! :)

Mike Willis said...

you know certin willis's are good at home might be good to keep one glad to hear that stuff is finaly gogin good for you guys. Im excited to come back and help with moto...P.S. sine me up for summer camp, even if it means i have to act like a jr highr...which isn't to hard for me. have a good one wallace.

Wallace D. said...

We've got some assignments for you Willis, it looks like we have a couple very small electrical fixes, but you might have to be try and beat Sarah to them. As for Moto, you are soo signed up, and I especially can't wait to have you back my friend, it will be one sweet summer.