Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Celebration day!

Today is the United States day of celebrating our independence and Sarah and I's day of celebrating wedded fireworks (that's PG13 talk for today being our anniversary). The cliche is true, that's why it is a cliche, that it feels like we've been married for forever and yet it seems like yesterday. We've had quite the adventure, lots of travels, all kinds of new friendships created, new jobs, many living spaces, and LOTs of dependence on our great Father. I suppose we are battle tested for the road ahead and I'm guessing there will be many bumps and battles ahead so I figure it all makes sense somewhere and somehow. It has been great to adventure together and grow in our lives as one while we continue to grow into who we are as individuals as well. I think one of the biggest blessings in my life, that of course didn't feel like a blessing until now, was getting married when I was a bit older and much more confident in who I am. I of course will continue to be transformed into who God wants me to be and has designed me to be, but I was probably to scattered in my early twenties to be married. I think one of the biggest things Sarah and I are always moving through is how each one of us is wired, but what is so awesome is that we attempt to go through it without changing that, but understanding how that is. I wonder how many people get married without knowing much about who they are and so become who their spouse wants them to be. I think the idea of two becoming one is often misused as two halves becoming one whole in marriage. When it is two wholes becoming one new kind of whole, which is a big difference. I think that is one of the big reasons single people can mope around feeling incomplete without a spouse and why some married people can mope around feeling the person they married was the wrong person to complete them. No one person will complete any of us, that is only found in the journey within our relationship with God. I was talking to somebody recently about life stuff and at some point I was asked, "Knowing what you know now about being married to Sarah, and if you could go back and do it again, would you?" I absolutely would. To me, I have loved all that Sarah and I have experienced together in our short time being married. The good, the tough, and everything in between have continued to shape us and grow us closer together. Together we help each other become better, but be sure that God is the one that completes us and makes those changes in us. Without Sarah I would not be less of a person nor would she be less without me, but with her I know that God is making me more of who He desires me to be. I guess it just saddens me to hear people say, "I couldn't live without my wife/husband." Or when asked, "So who are you?" and they answer, "I am so and so's husband /wife." I know that can be used as a point of reference, but sadly I have seen way too many people thinking that is WHO they are. That is apart of WHAT they are, just as being a parent can be apart of what they are, but it is not who they are. Now I wouldn't want to imagine life without my bride, but come that day when death has separated us, I know I won't be less. How could that be? If death brings me the rest of my life with God and the scriptures say we won't recognize our spouses as our "spouses" in heaven, then how would we be less complete? Sorry if this sounds like a morbid post, but I think it is one of the great things Sarah and I have been able to laugh about within our marriage. As much as we would like to control the other and shape them into who we think we want them to be, we've been able to wade through the patience and beauty of participating in who God has designed us to be. It just makes for much more fun and uniqueness, and a great bit of celebration of the spice that each one of us brings into our marriage.

Enjoying the celebration!
Wallace D.


KayMac said...

Happiest Anniversary!

carahoeks said...

happy anniversary!! I am so grateful for the both of you!