Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Checking in

I've got a full plate right now, but I wanted to check in and say Hi. Sarah and I are in Spring Lake again for a week of staying with a yute while his grandparents enjoy their 50th high school reunion. It's been challenging at times and the last time we did this we were breaking from a small take care of itself apartment, but now we are breakign from our needs work and it feels more like a home house, so it feels a little tougher. We've had several friends visit us in the last few weeks and we have many more coming in the next couple, so that keeps us hopping in a mostly enjoyable way. Toss in the regular schedule and I can get a little irritable not having the necessary down time that I like to get. I can feel my head and heart filling with all sorts of stuff and so hopefully I can get some good unload time soon. I am enjoying a new read right now called, "Intelligent Church," by Steve Chalke, and it is really refreshing and I like how he is taking the extra step of ending each chapter with some really practical steps in unpacking the thoughts and material. I've also been approaching my time with my Bible a bit differently as of late, which has been really invigorating. I feel more like a kid tackling a great adventure book and entering into with an attitude of "who knows where ths will go," kind of feeling inside me. I know what comes next in a lot of what I am reading, but it just feels different, I'm not sure how to explain it, but it is quite beautiful. With all that I am hoping to take at least a day, hopefully two, real soon to focus in on some reading, writing and dreaming for the next phase of living. A big sign of this is when I, yes me, have tried to set a better schedule lately and it has fallen apart due to, "this popping up" and "that has to be done" which makes me want to shoot down the whole idea of schedules. But, believe it or not, I am actually trying really hard to schedule a little tighter and nail some things down, and as a part of that scheduling is a non-negotiable sabbath day. I've tried it before, but I would cave to what other people do for a sabbath or to justifying snippets of time as a sabbath, including a little time on this day and a little time on that day which adds up to a day off, in a sense. Not my sense, I am not wired that way so that was a bad idea. Or this isn't really work and this will be fun so it's pretty much a sabbath. I've been learning that once we try and give a one size fits all definition of a sabbath, we have just successfully boxed it in and put up walls that ought not be there. So I have been carving out what a sabbath is for me and I look forward to diving into it. As I have been thinking on this, I have heard several great thinkers, writers and pastors share their thoughts and studies on the sabbbath, so that has been encouraging and awesome. As my thoughts unravel in the coming weeks I hope to keep posting on what God is teaching me and where He is leading me throughout this 06 summer.

Checking out
Wallace D.

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carahoeks said...

the schedule-- what seems to be a simple concept but isn't. I am glad to know I am not the only one who struggles with this issue a bit. i appreciate you wally.