Monday, August 07, 2006


Once again I was incredibly challenged and shaken by a message on being driven in life. Driven to make the most of right now, but also to invest into making tomorrow all that it should be. The key points were: Look forward to each day, Invest in the right things, Focus on the moment, and Expect great things. The first one seems pretty simple, not only to look forward to diving into the day, but to also look for all the opportunities that are available to you within the day. Investing in the right things can really add a boost of purpose to life and to the day, even when doing the things we don’t like. The point was made that even if for a time you have to do what you don’t enjoy, if there are people involved with what you are doing, then invest in those people because people are always worth investing in. Case in point for me, I have for many years had to work multiple jobs and do many a thing that I would much rather not do. But if I can take my time in these places to invest in people I know it really does motivate my heart to see how God can use me within the situations. Part two of that is investing in things that move you toward doing what God has wired you to do (this is not easy, but is a huge goal for me lately). Making the moves to live the life God intends for us, and not letting distractions and selfish ambition take over a healthy ambition, which can lead each one of us to the place and purpose in life that God desires. Focusing on the moment is one that my wife has reminded me of often, especially when I begin to worry about what I have to do tomorrow or how quickly my schedule is filling up. Just enjoy the moment and live it to the fullest! The examples he gives within enjoying the moment are awesome and hilarious, and I encourage you to check it out. Lastly, to expect great things is again a pretty simple one. Great things might not happen everyday, but to expect them helps drive you. Because to never expect great things almost guarantees you will never have any great things happen, so it makes sense.

This is definitely where I am heading going into the fall and these simple points are not going to be simple to implement, but I have to nail it down. Being that hunger is a huge motivator, both literal hunger and the ambitious hunger, a great question to ask is, “When hungry, what is the one thing you feel you do best that could quench that hunger?” What gift or talent do you have that employs you, or provides for you purpose? I think it’s a scary question, because it moves us to action and to an intense focus on purpose and mission. Are you doing what you ought to be doing? Am I doing what I ought to be doing? Are we focused, passionate, ambitious and driven in this? If you get the chance, listen to Mosaic’s pod cast and the message Sports Center: Driven, by Erwin McManus, it is awesome.

Let’s put it in drive
Wallace D.

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mike said...

I just e-mailed our Vox team that we all need to listen to that message!

Praying for you!