Saturday, August 05, 2006

Fitting nicely

I had a great week, in fact this week gave me the feeling of fitting like I haven't fit, well maybe ever. I had the great opportunity to speak at a youth camp for the Reformed church, and it was a riot. I loved the preparation and study leading up to it and then this week of sharing what God has been laying on my heart and doing in my life, gave me a sense of focused purpose that I don't know I have ever felt. I loved writing, studying and pouring out God's story while telling my story within His story. And I am so glad I cleared my week, for the most part, so I could be focused on giving myself to the camp and to preparing my heart for all that God might want to do. All the things I don't do well and all the things that stress me out, I did not have to do, so I totally am vibing with Erwin McManus when he talks about being charged up by doing what he loves to do and then almost miraculously getting paid for it. I found myself thanking the camp so much that I began wondering if I should be writing them a check, instead of the other way around. The students seemed to be digging our time together and we ended the week with myself and a few of the camp staff washing the feet of the students and handing them a packet of salt as they left, encouraging them to go and be salt that brings out the God-flavors in this world. What an honor it was to unfold what God has done and is doing in my life while He continues to write such a story on the pages of our lives.

And in a couple of hours I get to cap the week off by serving with a huge group of watermarkers as we pass out 10,000 plus bottles of water to all those that are at Grand Haven's famous Coast Guard parade. The weather is amazing and there are thousands upon thousands of people swarming Grand Haven taking in the festival, so it should be a great end to an awesome week. Oh, and I got to go and see Will Ferrell's new movie last night with a bunch of the fam, so I would like to officially nominate myself for VH1's best week ever!

Thank you very much
Wallace D.

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