Monday, February 19, 2007

Training Mode

It's been a wild few weeks with lots of long days and very short nights. With Sarah being pregnant we are trying to prepare for her work load to lessen, so mine has to grow in order for the bills of life to get paid. I accepted a managerial position at Panera and so I was gone for two weeks doing my training at another cafe, which was exhausting and very learning. I had to leave the house by 4am to get to work, so I had to be up in the three o'clock hour to get out the door on time, which left me pretty much worthless by the time I got home around 4pm. Training was all about being on the move and there was no such thing as breaks, which I'm sure isn't legal, but it did make the day go a little quicker.

I've made some good connections within the writing world and I'm waiting for a large, well-to-do publishing company to contact me this week, so throw that one in the prayer bank if you would. I have nearly no time for writing, so I have been doing some editing and I'm rewriting my chapter on community, mainly because I feel that a new metaphor is a better fit than the one I've got now. I'll keep some of the content, but as I've studied and matched up life experience I'm just looking to move in a little different direction with it.

I've had some incredible time and such inspiring, challenging, and encouraging conversations with a few friends in the last week and a half. I got to spend an evening with a great friend from college, as we grabbed some Hungry Howie's za and just chatted the night away. We had such critical conversations while in college, which really helped push me into a new place in my journey to finding the Father, and our get together last week was absolutely no different. And then yesterday, Sarah and I spent the day with our friends Paul and Debbie, who have been such an amazing couple in our marriage as well as just great friends. They made lunch for us and then we ran out for coffee later in the evening, where they passed on some knowledge they received from Larry Crab over the weekend. I went to bed last night praising God for such great friends and my mind was spinning with thoughts on community and connection.

I have a million more thoughts and experiences from the past few weeks, but there is a good chance they are only exciting in my mind, so I'll try and spread things out over the next week so you can pick and choose what ramblings you feel like participating in. May you be blessed with wonderful days this week and make sure to keep your heart open to what God might be whispering to you through others.

Grace & Peace
Wallace D.


Sara Maria said...

My friend Nicole is a Panera manager out here in Sgate. :) Glad to hear youre doing well, even if youre super busy. Give sarah my best! I love you guys

Arkay said...

Great blog..Congrats on the new addition!! We miss you guys! Manager??you get free pastries and java as a perk or what?

Wallace D. Harrsion said...

This has been my first week in the Grand Haven cafe, it's been good and the associates have accepted me in as their boss man. I do get lots of free treats, so it is a nice perk. Miss you all as well.

Giddy up!

Steve said...

You're going to have to pass along the info you picked up from Larry Crabb, since we all bailed on the little nugget.