Thursday, April 26, 2007

Back to Normal?

Returning from California and diving back into the groove of work and all, the inevitable question is, "Are things getting back to normal?" Seeing how normal is defined as, conforming to a type, standard, or regular pattern, then yes, things have returned to normal. The problem with that is, I believe the human spirit rejects conformity and that each person is designed uniquely, so this creates a tension within the human spirit. And I know for myself that I am all things not normal and I desire to live a life of passion, pursuing life with the gifts and talents placed within me. Sarah and I are praying for our next step, and even more specifically, for what I will be doing when the baby is born. Beginning now, I need to make decisions that will take care of my family, and also move me towards living out of my gifts, talents, and passions. Anyone looking for a pastor (youth/associate/teaching), writer, speaker, then I could be that guy.

"I'm out there Jerry and I'm loving every minute of it."
Wallace D.


Mike Willis said...

I digofeel ya

(dig + got +feel)

Im done after my internship, wanna plant? haha

I am Sara Maria. said...

Mmhmm. I want a wally! They are so much fun! I could get you a nice ball to run around in and you could live in a cage and chew on things and Id feed you bananas and hamster chow...oh wait...I think Im talking about a hamster. But I still like you too! :)

Wallace D. Harrsion said...

Find seeds and some good soil... maybe that's what the hamster food is for... err maybe those don't even match up.

Jimmy Bizbang said...

Take a walk with me along the track of life and let out a toot to raise the dead.

I am Sara Maria. said...

Am I alone in thinking that the handsome young chap named Blake reminds me strikingly of Mr Wally "Grand Havens American Idol" Harrison?? Dude. Everytime I see that guy I think...hey I miss Wally I gotta mail him or comment his blog.

I am Sara Maria. said...

I meant the handsome young Blake on American Idol. LOL Forgot to put that.