Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I was reading a story one of my favorite authors tells of how a friend of his came to know Jesus, and it really pressed on my heart. Out of all the reasons why someone might be convinced that Jesus is God, she said that for her, it was how he lived without partiality when it came to people. Not healing people or resurrecting from the dead, but the fact that Jesus lived to love everyone. No favorites, no strings attached, but unconditional love given to all. To her that is something of God, to which I find so beautiful.

Wallace D.


KayMac said... be more like Jesus!

Jimmy Bizbang said...

J to the esus was a smooth holygangsta. He had the lean and he tipped over more than a forty for his homie getting hitched. He saved the best for last (like Vanessa Williams).

Wallace D. Harrsion said...

Good ol Jimmy, nothing worthwhile added to the conversation.