Sunday, July 29, 2007

Camp and Crows

Saturday night the Lyons', Wolf's, and Sarah and I grabbed some grub at Outback then had an amazing night at the Collective Soul, Live, and Counting Crows concert. All three bands were sweet, but the Counting Crows were absolutely incredible, mostly due to Adam Duritz being a genius story teller. Every song was a new story and there was the feeling that you had been invited to share in Adam's life, which I'm sure is one of those creepy things about being a great artist. This capped off what was an amazing week that had me teaching at another middle school camp, which was so awesome. Listening to the students share some of their stories with me, as well unpacking what God has done and is doing in and through my life had me feeling at home. Kurt and the youth leaders from the camp were so incredibly encouraging, and it was very evident that God had His way. I did have to weave in and out of Panera while working at camp, but it really was more of an opportunity for me to share with my friends at work how God was moving, so all was good. Then Sunday night, our life group got together and made a huge breakfast feast for dinner and we watched a classic movie from the 80's. It was a beautiful way to cap off an amazing week.

God is good my friends
Wallace D.

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he looks like a character from the simpsons