Monday, July 16, 2007

Taste of Germany

On Saturday night some friends/relatives from Germany came to America and will be staying with John and Carey (My In-Laws)for the next three weeks. Sunday they went to the Watermark gathering and then we had a big dinner with the whole family at the in-laws. Helmut and Troudl tried to teach some of us how to say the Lord's prayer in German, but the best I could do is aggressively clear my throat combined with some small barks. Then tonight, Troudl and John teamed up and made an authentic German dinner, and it was easily one of the best meals I have ever had. We had Schnitzel, Spatzin, and some other dish that was incredible. But tonight Helmut and Troudl decided that they would just pray in German and see if we could figure out what they had said (praising God in any language comes across as a beautiful thing regardless of what the ears hear). It was absolutely hilarious watching and listening to great Uncle Bill trying to tell some of his crazy jokes to Helmut and Troudl, and the chaos that happens with loss of translation. They are heading to Mackinaw Island for a couple days with my in-laws, and then over to Wisconsin for a day, before coming back to the Korpi's this weekend. It's been a joy listening to their perspective on things here in America, their thoughts from church on Sunday, and just listening to all their wonderful stories.

Between feeling at home teaching at camp last week and spending such great time with the family, it has been a freeing week and a half. Doing what you love to do and sharing in it with those who believe in and encourage you is a priceless thing. I am incredibly grateful for an amazing family and sharing in life together with them.

Wallace D.


Steve Deur said...

Glad your week at camp went so well. Way to go!

Michael said...

shealchweckshart that means - sweet!