Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Monday night team deep went to a pastor's appreciation dinner for the west michigan district of the Wesleyan church, and it turned out to be much more scandalous than anyone could have ever expected. One pastor invited a pair of friends he had come to know from Dr. Grinn's comedy club. They were not pastors, in fact they were not exactly the church type, but they were there to make us laugh. Most of us laughed, but due to one of them sharing some less than church worthy material, everyone was a bit shocked. His mic was cut and he walked off stage amidst an extremely awkward silence. There are a million things to discuss from this night, but I will say a few things. Thank you Chad for doing what we as Christ followers are called to do. You have loved those far from Christ and you brought Jesus to them. You invited the unchurched into the church, and when they didn't act the part, a lot of people's reaction was rude and cold at best. It broke my heart. Maybe not the best event for what took place, I agree, but I pray that these two gentemen did not leave chewing a bitter pill of religion. Thank you to the few pastors who immediately recognized the frigidness in the air, and warmly shook hands, hugged and thanked the two comdians for being with us. Jesus loves people where they are at, we are called to do the same. It may not always be easy or comfortable, so I pray this night of uncomfort will challenge all involved to look in the mirror. How will we react to opportunities for love and acceptance?

Shocked into reality
Wallace D.


Dave Deur said...

yup..i was there. nope, i don't entirely agree with your assessment.

in the end, i was glad we invited these guys, and i believe more than "just a few" thanked them for coming...that was cool. i was one of them. the comedian was not responsible for how the audience reacted and the continuous smattering of laughter in the room, even in response to his off-color and inappropriate humor. he was just being himself, and doing what he does. i wish i could say that the entire audience of pastors and leaders were doing the same.

Wallace D. Harrsion said...

Like I said, there are a million things to discuss from the night, but those were a few of my thoughts. It was really cool to see the immediate response of the people who made their way to the two guys to share some warmth. But I also stood near two different groups of people who were hostile and planned some strong e-mails in response of the inappropriate humor. It was an interesting night to say the least, and I appreciate your view of the story super Dave.

John D. Howell said...

"How will we react to opportunities for love and acceptance?"

Humm. Maybe we as Christians should concentrate less on reacting, and more on responding with love and acceptance.

Personally, I'd rather be proactive in my walk and in my live then spend all my time reacting to things. I don't have the energy or the stamina to live my life in a reactionary mode. If I'm having to react to everything, then I'm probably going to revert to my human nature of being critical, cold and uncommpassionate towards those who don't fit my viewpoint.

If I can plan my responses ahead of time to always be prepared to show love and acceptance, I think that would be far better. Just my thoughts.