Saturday, November 10, 2007

What's new

Sawyer had a weigh in yesterday, and our little Michelin man is packing it on to the tune of 13lbs 7oz. His chunk is quite ticklish as well, which is the funniest thing watching him laugh so hard he forgets to breathe (only for a second then mom and dad back off so relax). Sarah is spending her Saturdays in Lansing for her master's course, so I've been enjoying daddy days on the weekend.

The deep is setting up for two weeks in a row of preview gatherings, starting tomorrow. Feel free to join us at the Omni fitness center in Muskegon for a snapshot of who we are.

This next week will be my last at Panera Bread, which I have much to talk on there, but I will download that after my time is complete.

I've been writing a lot of new stuff for my book, which will tie up many loose ends. I've gotten rid of misused material that may surface in other outlets. I've got word out to one publisher right now and will hand my work to another connection point in the coming days, so prayerfully it will land. I've enjoyed reading Cold Tangerines which has really affirmed and encouraged my life of writing. It is an extremely well written book and I'm sure we'll hear much from this new author in the years to come.

Still praying for financial provision for the future and dreaming about what is to come.
Wallace D.


Nate said...
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Nate and Shyle said...

Last week? That is great Wally! I am guessing Deep stuff is going well! I wish we were there to see it!! Sawyer is so big! Give him a hug for us!!! How was Donald Miller?