Tuesday, February 26, 2008


On Sunday we had Sawyer dedicated, which was apart of such an amazing morning of celebration for our young church. It was wonderful to have many friends and family join us for a morning that also included the celebration of four baptisms and the commissioning of a deep member into the ministry.

It has been a wild week and a half for our family, Sarah is recovering well from surgery, and we appreciate all the prayers, meals and shared time given by so many. I have been a bit discombobulated and I realize how much structure I tend to move with, by means that it has been up in the air lately. I also realize how much Sarah does in a given day and how much her parents give to us with their time and love. We are very blessed and are so grateful for the deep as well as all the friends who have joined us in our recent juggling.

If you want to listen to the dedication from Sunday, just go to the website www.outofthedeep.com and click on the podcast. You you can also watch the baptism video by going to the T.V. icon on the site. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support, we hope to hear a good report from the doctor on Wednesday, and then continue the celebration we started on Sunday with much more to come from the deep.

Grace & Peace
Wallace D.

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Nate and Shyle said...

He is so cute and big! I can't wait to see him!