Friday, February 08, 2008


Reflecting on how the new year has started and how much life has changed since this past summer, I can't help but feel extremely blessed. My time at Watermark was such a refreshing time of learning, growing and being prepared for what was to come. Of course I would never have known it at the time, but God continued to chip away at my many rough edges and fit me for my deep bathing suit. Panera helped in shaping new areas of leadership, and taught me to see the church in a new light from an old perspective. Sarah and I took a big leap of faith in leaving Panera and the bi-vocational world for full immersion into the deep. God has completely provided through friends who have stood in the gap for us, fought for us, believed in us, and desired for me to work from my strengths since day one. Team deep has worked very hard, yet Rob has always reminded us that God wants for His church far more than we do. So we will not manufacture anything by doing, but God will grow His church through us being who He has designed us to be, and we will praise God through the gifts and talents placed upon us. Our creativity is largely expressed in who we are more so than what we do, without neglecting the latter. We have done things and failed, shook our heads in recognition of our mistakes, then laughed and celebrated as God invited us into something new. I work very hard, yet enjoy more time with my family than ever before. My wife brings such balance to my life, loves me in new ways each day, and my son keeps me young and silly at heart. This is my blessed life, may God get all the glory and praise.

Wallace D.

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Dave Deur said...

It was good seeing you today, and hearing your report. It was so encouraging hearing how you guys have joined God at work in Muskegon.