Friday, February 01, 2008

Current Happenings

I recently finished reading The Shack, which was a pretty good book. It had its ups and downs, with alot of the conversation and writing being ups, and some of the fiction aspects being downers for me. The book is getting a lot of really good press and it comes highly recommended by many, so it's worth looking into, if you enjoy reading.

We wrapped our Fortune Cookie Faith series at the deep and are starting into the book of Nehemiah this Sunday, so I highly encourage you to come and dive in with us. We also launched an online Bible reading/prayer/conversation piece to our web site, where anyone can join us in reading different books of the Bible, as well as walking through different areas of prayer together. This has already been a great forum for dialogue, growth and encouragement. Kids Life is really starting to gain traction and a good rhythm, which is really exciting. My favorite aspect is the potential for what will take place beyond Sunday morning, as well as what is already taking place. We will be diving into the youth aspect in the next couple weeks, which also is really exciting. The deep started a partnership with Children's Haven this week, which is a place that takes in those from birth-17 years old who are neglected and/or abused. Meeting with the lady in charge on Tuesday was great, and she said that the biggest need is having men who will love, mentor, and positively influence the many boys they have. I could hardly sit still when she was explaining how we can help serve them, as this is something I have been praying for. Talking with the few youth we currently have in the deep, we will be gathering together to read and discuss the Bible, pray and then spend time sharing God's amazing love with the Kids of Children's Haven through relationship. So that's a good snapshot of our "youth ministry," as we will be diving into God's word through reading and prayer, then proclaiming it through relationship and serving.

On another note, I recently had an article I wrote picked up by a pretty sweet magazine, which they will publish online and in their leadership newsletter first, and hopefully grow from there. I'll let you know all the details as I get them, so it's a great step in my writing and I'm pretty excited.

The family is amazing and that's the happenings
Wallace D.


Steve Deur said...

I read the Shack and liked it.

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