Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mr. Big Nathan

I highly encourage you to go to www.outofthedeep.com and click on the podcast to listen to our community pastor teach on the church's call to Biblical justice. Nathan Beals joined the staff of the deep last October and has been serving Muskegon with such a passion for renewal. We are incredibly blessed as a church to have a very diverse team, which has led to such a diverse dynamic in the ways we are present in the community. I invite you to track with us as we continue to walk through the book of Nehemiah and see the ways in which God is moving us to be present in the community. Then maybe you could shoot Nathan an e-mail thanking him for listening to God's call on his life, and his challenge to all of us to listen and ACT on God's call to justice.

Thanks for being the church Mr. Big Nathan
Wallace D.

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