Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Politics, Publishing and Parenting

I have to say that the book "Jesus For President" is absolutely incredible, and I love the boldness and obedience of the authors. I highly encourage everyone to pick it up and read it with a very open heart to what God might want to take apart, put back together, and renovate within you. It's heavy on poitics but from a third perspective, following Jesus, which is really challenging.

I head to the Festivul of Faith and Writing tomorrow, which I am really looking forward to. I love learning, and from all I've heard and come to understand about this Festivul it should be a great time. Reading and writing changes me and helps me articulate my thoughts in such wonderful ways, so I am looking forward to growing in many areas within the art of writing. On the eve of the Festivul I was contacted by a great publisher, and they want to meet with me about my book. So I would very much appreciate your prayers as I sit down with the lead editor tomorrow morning about next steps.

Writing a good portion of my book in the months leading up to receiving Sawyer, I felt God healing my past, infusing my present, and preparing me for the future of parenting. I am grateful for it all, and although it wasn't always fun, it has been incredibly rewarding. Sawyer is an amazing gift, and he brings so much joy to Sarah and I in so many different ways. Sarah is brilliant at blending her love for Sawyer in cuddling, caring ways, while always guiding him along beautifully. It is a joy to watch them together, and it leads me to praise God for His many blessings. The little man's smiles are disarming and could make the toughest looking guy crumble (Big Trace you are sooo guilty).

Here's to the next phase of life my friends
Wallace D.


Dieta said...
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Michael said...

I love this blog..Im adding it to my blog is so inspiring..Check out my blog at

sorry i read the comment above and laughed, Wordpress filters all of that junk. Anywho. I will defiantly check out Jesus for president, I have heard nothing but good!!

P.S. you do have a cute kid!