Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Schedule: past, present and future

I truly enjoyed the Festivul of Faith and Writing at Calvin College, and the best take away was the people I met and the time spent with them. I spoke with a few publishers and my manuscript is currently being dissected with the hopes of some good fruit from that. Also from the past, Sarah, Sawyer and myself had a great time in Florida and just enjoyed hanging by a pool while soaking in the warm sun. Sawyer LOVED playing in the pool and didn't really want to get out.

I'm currently preparing Kids Life for the summer, creating our next steps with Child Haven, and preparing to teach in the gathering in a couple of weeks. Sarah and I (mostly Sarah) are also in the middle of putting in a new kitchen, which has been a huge blessing. Much of it is done and this week should put the final touches on things. Jim Duer, Barry Brugger and Sarah were the main architects, and the combination saved us a heap of money!

The future has me looking forward to teaching at the deep on June 1st, where we will look at how God is fathering us into a new kind of kid. This has been a huge passion of mine and I am really excited for how God has been preparing my heart and moving me into this time. Then the following weekend has the in-laws taking the whole family for a Mackinaw vacation, which should be a great time.

Peering through the past, present and future
Wallace D.

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