Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What's cooking for the new year?

If the new year is anything like this past year, then your guess is far better than mine. Worldly speaking, I hope and pray that we will start to learn from all the ridiculous hell that is war and violence. When I first became a follower of Jesus I struggled so much with any desire to read the Old Testament, because it just felt... old. Now I shiver at how much our world mirrors much of it, and prayerfully the United States will use the scent of empire that we are becoming as a smelling salt and not a perfume.

As for my family, where to begin? Sarah wrapped up her Master's degree, she'll have it in hand in May, and so we are starting a whole new conversation on where to go from here. Does she work full time? Does she work part time? Does she work at all? Uh, for the sake of her sanity and our bank account, I would say yes but... baby Sawyer has morphed into hurricane little man. He is wide eyed, curious, and if you blink he will probably be streaking (both quickly and in the nude) out of the house with grand adventure on his mind. There are days of laughing to tears by way of his silliness and magical, crazy legs that never stop moving. Then there are the days filled with tears of fear due to the little boy who mimics his dad, and then reality hits me like a steel baseball bat that he truly looks to me for guidance. So I pray that I will gain an immense amount of wisdom, and that having a loving, brilliant mom will far outweigh a bumbling dad.

As for church? I wouldn't dare make any predictions there. As this past year has shown, anything can and probably will happen. I can, and will, plan things for the kids and youth, but with any sort of movement found on and in Jesus, being prepared and open for anything is the best "plan." I do hope to get back to writing and then find a place for my writing. My prayer is for growth, and that we will love and serve our King Jesus in ways that are true to who He has designed us to be. Happy New Year my friends.

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Wallace D.

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Chris and Michelle said...

found ya. Watch out for Sawyer if he is anything like his Dad. Daddy, sounds good on you Wally.

Lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him.