Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catching up

Life is on the hop and I feel like I'm getting some decent momentum heading into spring time. We at ecclesia have had a great time moving into our facility and making it home. We had a great neighborhood chili cook off and an awesome time of worship and celebration at Easter. Kids' Street is growing and the need for people who love seeing kids connect with God grows with it. Our youth, the Garage, have had a good year of growth and I love where we are heading to wrap up the school year. This summer and fall look to be a huge opportunity for all kinds of growth, and I'm looking forward to hanging with some of our students who desire to take things up a notch.

Sarah has wrapped up her Master's degree in counseling and her heart's ambition within that continues to beat louder and louder. Her desire to see people grow towards wholeness and health is beautiful and I'm excited to see the ways in which God is going to use her. Sawyer is a little man and his little happy feet are always on the go! He keeps us VERY entertained and always on our toes, which brings an incredible amount of joy to our lives. He's got a little basketball hoop where he will grab a ball and say, "Mommy, daddy, otch (that's "watch" in Sawyer)." He'll shoot, turn around and yell "hoop, hoop!" Funny little man.

I've really enjoyed some good books recently and have had some solid progress with my own writing, which is exciting. I would highly recommend Andy Stanley's "The Principle of the Path" and Kary Oberrunner's "The Fine Line." I'm in the midst of "The Blue Parakeet" and "Fixing Abraham," both of which I'm enjoying quite a bit. Within the Bible, I've really enjoyed studying through the birth of Kingship and watching leadership change hands and shape Israel's future, as well as walking through the early church in the New Testament.

I would say, for the first time in my life, there isn't a box around my life and opportunity abounds. Possibility seems prevalent and I'm excited for what is around the corner.

Wallace D.

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