Saturday, September 26, 2009

No Kidding

With Fall officially landing, it strikes me that I am stepping into my 14th year serving in the church. It was a little over 14 years ago that God invited me to share my journey in becoming a new kind of kid as a vocation. The idea of becoming a pastor was about as ridiculous of an idea as becoming an astronaut. But now I wonder if flying to the moon would be easier and less adventurous than being a pastor. Every day is unique and full of wonder, and laced with a thin strand of mystery. I must hand each day over to God, or else my needy, selfish hands will skewer what God intends for good. So here is to stepping aside daily, listening to the still small voice, and sketching the brilliance of God by way of words. Some day they may caress the paper and bindings of a book, or they may just glide across the back lit computer screen. They will always hover my heart and mind, teaching and prodding me to learn the way of the Father and experiencing fresh ways to become a new kind of kid.

Always learning
Wallace D.


Rob Paterson said...

Nice! Love you bro...glad for what we get to share!

Jane said...

14 years! That's fantastic, Wally! Blessings for many more, and prayers for patience during the heartbreak [as you alluded to today].