Thursday, October 01, 2009


So on the surface questions are being asked about the "hot topics" of today's culture, but underneath it is so much more. On the outside I am staying calm and just listening, yet my brain is peeling this banana and finding the mush of rottenness. They keep firing questions at me in rapid succession and the faster they come the more I feel my heart splintering. "Do they know what they are asking or are they just trying to sound educated?" Simultaneously my mind is trying to stay focused on their questions and yet it is shaking free due to frustration because they just don't get it. "Do you really want an honest answer or are you just looking to be cool in front of your friends?"

This has become a typical night within our youth ministry. Lots of questions, few answers. They're asking about relative morality but this is more about humanity, about love. Not Romeo and Juliet. Creator, Father, and daughter and son. My heart aches for truth. For TRUTH. That God would chip away at the surface and reveal a fresh, new perspective.


Grace and Peace
Wallace D.


Cara Maat said...

we need to pray, as leaders, that students get a revelation on the TRUE answers to their question.. revelation happens when something moves from the head to the heart. Keep loving hard!

Todd said...

Just keep on truckin' Wally. You are the vessel to just keep pointing them to Jesus. I've been in that type of arena, at times with you. It feels like running on a treadmill. You get a good run, but don't actually get anywhere. The best you can do is do what Jesus calls you and leads you to do, then just let HIM do the rest. Jesus will draw them near when He wants. Maybe just mess with them and give them a crazy honest answer and let it flow from there. Don't lose steam.