Saturday, October 17, 2009

Right or Redemptive

It always baffles me when we enter into discussion, and within said discussion, we move to a place of disrespecting and treating someone in an inhumane way, all because the end goal is we NEED to be right? I'm not a confrontational person, I do not care to argue and yet I truly enjoy great discussions. I love to debate things, which is a two way conversation. So when there is talking over the other person, raised voices, and tempered outbursts, I will choose to end the discussion.

I can say, you are right, if that comes to be. I'm OK with that. But in most cases, I would say that the point is to be redemptive. If being right means you devalue, disrespect, and dehumanize someone then count me out. I'll choose to lose. You can be right, just please don't treat another person as less than a person.

I choose redemptive conversation


Mike Edwards said...


Jane said...

...and don't you think that's why so many people walk away from a lot of Christians? Because "being right" is more important than being redemptive? How sad to let pride get in the way of something that might plant a seed--or deepen a relationship. Great thoughts, Wally :)

PS: How fun that you met Donald!

Todd said...

I agree, and right on Jane. It is amazing what Christians have turned Christianity into. So many times it's a full blown attack on showing how right you are and how wrong the other person is, without concern about the actual person. I love it wally. I will sit with the redemptive conversation with you. I know for me if someone is degrading me while trying to show how right they are, I give up on the conversation. I bet that most people would.

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