Thursday, February 24, 2011

What do you think?

This may sound crazy, but I am really excited for Lent. Lent, a time of introspection to wrestle with the things that are hidden deep within the soul. A darker time, that is symbolized by sacrifice. Sounds exciting right? The idea of taking a shower after becoming filthy works, right? The idea of getting things off our chest after being weighed down with such emotional toil is helpful, right?

Although the process does not make me think of smiling bunnies and laughing gerbils, I do look forward to renewal, restoration and the warmth of sunlight hitting the face of my heart.

I do look forward to simplifying, and to have that which I don't need, removed. That way I don't rely on the unnecessary. I look forward to feeling hungry, and not just for the substance of food, but for the substance of true life. The things that make you want to get out of bed in the morning and keep you awake late at night.

And I look forward to trekking all of this with a community of people, to not go it alone.

So how about you? What do you think about Lent?


Taleah said...

Lent is such a beautiful time.

JessicaChubb said...

I never really "got" lent having not grown up in church and having attended churches where lent was never really focused on.

But this year I am doing a new thing and for each day of lent we are sharing a story of the Bible from Genesis up to the death and resurection with the kids. And along with it we have a "lent" tree that they get to hang ornaments on each day that coincide with the Bible story. This is the first time I am really excited about lent. Not that I really still get it. But I do love the idea of sharing the truth about God's story and about his redemption!

Anonymous said...

This whole blog sounds freeing to me...and I love your sentence: "warmth of sunlight hitting the face of my heart."

Sarah said...

I love how you can focus on the simple reason for lent...focus on the sacrifice of Christ as our Savior...

It makes the complicated version of lent that I hold in my head pale in comparison to the pure vision you've introduced into my heart.

Cara Maat said...

Simplicity is so needed.