Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Check out Ecclesia's new web site (look to your right, down the page a bit and find it under the label "Church"), and watch it grow!

Life is moving quickly and it is full of so much pure goodness! Sawyer and Eli are two wild boys and Sarah keeps me from infecting them with too much of my insanity, but it still creeps in. The house is up for sale, anyone want a great house two blocks from downtown Grand Haven, and a just a short jog to the beach? We are unsure of where our next home will be, but some time sleeping in a van down by the river will save us some dollars, right? You just buy our current house and we'll figure it out from there, ok?

My new position with Ecclesia is hopping and God is up to so much beauty and life giving. The faith community has stepped up and jumped in with fresh legs and huge hearts, and we are being truly blessed.

So keep springing Spring, in fact you can move a little quicker because it's still freaking snowing!

Full of gratitude


Steve Deur said...

Hey! It was good seeing you. I'm glad things are going well!
I just added your blog to my site.
Stay gold! :)

Taleah said...

We'll be praying for both house sales and house finding!