Friday, May 27, 2011


In the midst of life picking up steam, running a bit faster, I have found God slowing my response down. My phone rings more, my email dings quite a bit more, and although my temperature occasionally rises, my response hums rather than screams. It seems that, and maybe this is my vocation speaking, people are demanding sharp responses to biting questions, yet the words that cartwheel out of my mouth are wearing slippers. They are comfortable, soft and seem to pad the tension rather than ignite it.

Example: lots of folks are on the hunt for firm stances and fiery defense on the topic of hell. I think there are questions behind these questions, but sometimes I think there is largely a desire to be right. As these questions are lobbed my way I can hear myself answering and engaging them from years ago... and it is rarely pretty. Today, I believe God is easing my soul, gifting me with patience, and so most discussions are short and filled with calmness.

I am learning that God is much bigger than I have ever known and with that, I am learning that He really doesn't need my smallness defending Him. I'd rather invite people to experience the bigness rather than having my smallness growling and brain wrestling people in an attempt to be right. Largely, because I find that "rightness" gets lost in the attitude of wanting to be right.

I am grateful that God is pushing the peace button on my soul, and I sure could use more and more of it.

In Grace

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