Friday, February 15, 2013

You said what?

Describe the people you spend the most amount of time with?

Describe the people you have the most fun with?

Describe the people you most admire?

Describe the people you have a small slice of envy for? (It's a OK, we're just going to be a little honest)

Are there commonalities among the people? Are there places you could connect people, or is that idea completely insane to you? What are the major differences, if any?

Does any of the descriptions above describe your church? How so? How not? If church isn't a part of your life, does anything above shed light on why? OK, so why?

Obviously I'm interested in people, not describing services, because services are typically about style and church is about people. More accurately, people gathering around God, exploring, examining, listening and immersing.

Hits? Misses? Anything interesting?

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