Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fighting in the Bookstore

I love bookstores. If I am in an unfamiliar city, and I spot a bookstore, I feel like have some sense of security. Because even if I were to get lost, I'll just be lost there. I don't own any type of e-reader, and I actually think they are one of the few things that technology got wrong. I think ink and paper tell better stories, they have a depth that technology can't hold. You may disagree, which in a completely random way, leads to the intent of this writing.

Why is there so much fighting in the bookstore? Not punch you in the face and break your nose, kind of fighting. Fighting as in, this book was written about that book, but more so about how that book is stupid and uninformed. Which means someone else is going to write a book to parody both of those books, and of course trumpet itself as even more enlightened. If you are wondering where I find all these books, it is in the "Christian" aisle of your local bookstore, or in "Christian" bookstores. Awesome. Better yet, these books are in the "Christian Inspiration" section, which is all the more eye-rolling for me. These authors were inspired to call that person dumb and uninformed, and highlight their own grand enlightenment? The God who created, well creation, who is infinitely wise and breathes innovation and creativity, inspired you to write a book about that person's stupid, inspiration?

With that, I am announcing my brand new book!! Be on the lookout for it in your local bookstore, "The Tool Shed: Why The Shack lacks the tools to communicate that Love came in third place because it didn't have 50 Purpose Driven Shades of Gray" It's better than that heretic's book!

You can find me, and my better than your book, over in the "Encouragement" aisle of the "Christian" bookstore, if you want me to sign a copy, or discredit that other author.

Sarcastic rant inspired by the Apostle Paul asking why the church in Corinth is divided :-)

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