Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Every Day

We went and saw the Passion last night as a church, and I have to say it was very overwhelming to see so many people lock into something in such an intense way. The wife and I saw it about a month ago, so I figured I would be prepared to just talk afterwards and get people's feedback. Just like the first time though I was left silent and stunned at what Jesus did so that we might have life to it's fullest. I'm curious to hear how the 700 people that attended last night will operate the rest of this week and the stories that will be coming out of the follow up conversations.

I have to believe that I will have a body melt down soon, because I have literally gotten a few hours of sleep the last couple of days. We had a management team meeting Monday night that started late and ended early... the next morning that is. Lots of interesting and good talk throughout and it is always amazing listening to others view the world we live in (listening to others view the world? That's genious talk...if you're nuts!!)

Fuel on Monday was completely amazing and I was floored by the students reaction. One of our high school leaders shared God's message and WOW did she do a great job of just allowing the spirit to have a party in her heart. I am humbled and amazed at the leadership that is growing in the lives of our Fuel team and I pray that I will continue to stay out of their way as they power on. Well I suppose I best get plugging at my message for Sunday, I'm really giddy to have the opportunity to share this week at Real Life.

is a new Day


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