Friday, February 27, 2004

What we do in Life

Cool day today, spent most of the morning and all afternoon studying for my message on Sunday and just catching up on reading. I love getting away and just locking into a good read and then working through the process of what God is laying on my heart to communicate.

I went and played some b-ball with Jay and a yute, which was a great feeling to get out on the court again, but my crap is out of shape. I felt sort of old and it was different being in the arena of pick up ball, the boys were throwing around the smack. I haven't heard language like that in some time and it was kind of a culture shock, but it made me feel like this b-ball on Thursdays could be a huge playing field for Jay and I. We went over to where Mike and Sherry are house sitting and had some grub with them, Jarrica, and Todd and Jessica, which was just a great time of hanging and chatting. I feel so blessed to have these friends and their lives inspire me and stretch me to become more in Him (God). Good food, great talk, and just awesome to listen to their hearts beat for a big God, thanks guys.

Well we have some trading spaces video to shoot tomorrow and then some more on Saturday and we are heading into Ohio, the wife and I, for a surprise party for one of my high school buddies who was recently inducted into the University of Toledo's hall of fame for swimming. Busy stuff, still have to pack and get ready for Cali next week as well. I'll sing more tomorrow, I'm calling it a night,

Echoes in Eternity


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