Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Today was full and I'm pretty stinkin tired, but God was so big today. My mother-in-law had surgery to have a mass taken from her pancreas, as well as a third of her pancreas taken with it. The surgery took 5 hours, but everything went perfectly the doctors said and they feel very strongly that it is not cancerous. A lot of Sarah's family was at the hospital, in Ann Arbor by the way, and Sarah and I were there as well. We both had a number of ministry opportunities with her family and it was so cool, God is good.

Then at Real Life small groups God just touched my heart through a conversation with a student about Saturday NIght Live, yep that's right. It was just so cool to see her eyes light up and to share in laughs that I know God heard.

Busy couple days ahead, video stuff, message prep, and hospital visits. I love the stuff but man it's those small group times just between God and I that shake me.

Straight trippin (who's Hot now?)


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