Sunday, February 15, 2004

Wow, what an amazing weekend!! I am absolutely exhausted and I feel like I need to sleep for a whole day. This morning was a pretty sweet time and Mike did an awesome job communicating a genuine connection with and to God is right in front of us. The drama seemed to go well and the reaction from the crowd was quite strong, in a good way.

Before I get into Real Life tonight I did want to say how awesome it is to have great friends. Sarah and I got to hang with Mike and Sherry Edwards and their fam. on Saturday. What an absolute blast, Mike and I got to pretend we are tough by getting our ears mutilated (he got pierced I just got a bigger hole put in for a cool earing, my other ones made me look a bit feminite). We went to a tattoo and piercing place, which makes us tougher I think. We grabbed some grub at Outback, which will be in heaven I'm sure, and then we laughed at the movie Meet the Parents (Mike hadn't seen it yet) which is a classic. That is one movie that has gotten funnier every time I have seen it.

Real Life was incredible, I felt, and seemed to be the consensus from the leaders and students. It was very heavy and my heart was taken throughout the night and I'm just plain drained now. There were quite a few yutes that were in tears and I feel really connected to our God. It's shaking to feel God move through a place and I know I will never tire of the feeling of his presence stirring my heart and breaking my pride and bringing me to my knees. God is way to good to me and I'm thankful to the leaders for continueing to follow me as I blindly follow His call.

I have to shut it down before I plant my face into the computer, from being tired, and I know Sarah gets stressed about head wounds and we can't afford a new computer (mo money mo problems though).

I am OUT


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