Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Whew, what a an insane couple of days, my mind doesn't know where to start and where it's going. Found out yesterday that my mother-in-laws tumor was cancerous and so that was spooky, but the doctors say that it was incased so they feel no more treatment is necessary. She has a whole army of good people praying for her so I feel good about her recovery.

There are cracks in the fortress and jester is feeling more than overwhelmed with the craziness that comes from playing an old game of poker, it has an all to familiar feel to it. My shoulders feel heavy and my health seems to be deteriorating and that gives me a headache on it's own.

I've got an appointment with the great Gandalf the first half of the weekend and I'm praying that it might reveal some clarity in the battle of good and evil. At the very least it gets Sarah and myself away and enjoying the view from a thriving world of God's love.

Well enough of the confusion for now I have to try and get some work done for tonight and this Sunday and hopefully escape to the gym and Panera for some recharging.



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