Thursday, March 18, 2004

Constant content

Man today went by very quick like. Met with a tax guy this morning and he said things that I was not in agreement with, pay lots of money to the government and a chunk of change to the state. He never got to the part where I get money back and so that made me a bit irritable, but Uncle Sam has to get his I suppose. Had a small window of time to trim and solidify my message for Sunday morning, I am so fired up over God laying the foundation and just meditating on his word, while it stirs the soul. I am stinkin excited to share what God has placed on my heart about having a servant's heart. Had a double chance to connect up with the pink panther and brainstormed with Jerica as well. These people are constantly pushing and prodding my faith in such an encouraging way, with such an authenticity to learn and do life (God is good, I never stop thanking Him for you all). Well big couple of days ahead, so it's to bed I will go, with some reading to do, Leonard Sweet you are a genious, so in the words of Jim Rome, good night now

Changing containers
Wallace D.

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